While Justice Sleeps

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Clover Product ID: 3Z1B48BH7CNR6
ISBN: 9780008488734
Author: Abrams, Stacey
Format: Paperback

When legendary Washington judge Justice Wynn falls into a coma and puts his law clerk, Avery, in control, Avery's world is turned upside down.

Because Justice Wynn had a secret. One that nobody wants to come out...A life in the balance As Wynn lies in hospital, Avery begins to unravel a sequence of clues, and realizes the puzzle will lead her directly into danger.A showdown that will change everything.

But how high a price can you put on the truth? And is Avery brave enough to expose the White House itself?

A gripping political thriller from the activist, leader, and speaker Stacey Abrams.

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