There's Been A Little Incident

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Clover Product ID: AQT32ZSA6MNFT
ISBN: 9781803284088
Author: Alice Ryan
Format: Paperback

Molly Black has disappeared. She's been a bit flighty since her parents died, but this time - or so says her hastily written note - she's gone for good. That's why the whole Black clan - from Granny perched on the printer all the way through to Killian on Zoom from Sydney - is huddled together in the Dublin suburbs, arguing over what to do. Former model Lady V presumes Molly's just off taking drugs and sleeping with foreigners - which is fine by her.Cousin Anne, tired of living in Molly's shadow, is keeping quiet, and cousin Bobby is distracted by his own issues. But Molly's disappearance is uncomfortably familiar to Uncle John. It doesn't feel like Molly's gone, it feels like she's lost, and he's determined never to lose anyone again. Especially not his niece, who is more like her mum than she realises.

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