Secrets of Ageless Ageing

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ISBN: 9781800970298
Author: Karen Ward
Format: Paperback

In The Secrets of Ageless Ageing, Karen Ward takes her reader by the hand on a voyage of self-discovery and a celebration of middle age and beyond. Rather than be daunted by this experience, she gives sound, practical advice and a common-sense and holistic approach to the inevitability that is growing older. Karenโ€™s wise and witty style is flanked by interviews with those older and wiser, who share their regrets and joys, and give sage advice.

The Secrets of Ageless Ageing is full of tips on how best to manage our physicality, time, mental health and relationships as we age, how to ease our adjustment to retirement and a slower pace of life, and, most importantly, how to embrace with enthusiasm the many opportunities that the latter stages of our lives offer.

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