Female Factor, The

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ISBN: 9781529382860
Author: Hazel Wallace
Format: Hardback

A DEEP DIVE INTO WOMEN'S HEALTH** Is heart disease a 'male' disease?** Are certain vitamin and mineral requirements particularly important at certain points of women's lives?** Can I stay active during pregnancy?** Why are women more likely to experience stress-related conditions?** How does sleep affect my overall health?** What can I eat to ease my menopausal transition?

The male body has always been the default body in clinical medicine, making the assumption that women are just smaller versions of men. This could not be more wrong. This bold, comprehensive guide to understanding women's health shakes up the narrative for women of all ages.

The Female Factor provides methods to protect and maximise your health in positive, affirming steps. Spanning nutrition, movement, mood, sleep and 50 balanced and delicious recipes, this is a blueprint to understanding and aligning your wellbeing, your hormones and your body, both in the short-term and long-term, filled with practical and insightful information to harness throughout the course of your life.

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