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You Are Not Alone

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ISBN: 9781526621870
Author: Cariad Lloyd
Format: Paperback

When Cariad Lloyd was just fifteen, she became the person-whose-dad-had-died; a mess of emotions and questions. She turned to the Five Stages of Grief model for guidance, but found its framework of loss was hard to reconcile with her messy and non-linear experience of grief.

In this wise and witty book, Cariad shares her grief road map - a collection of years of profound insights from experts and guests featured on her podcast, Griefcast - to remind us that you cannot do grief wrong. The flexibility of the map acknowledges that no two experiences of grief are the same and assists us in building a life around our grief. So, welcome to the club.

We know you didn't ask to be here. But you will be okay. Because you are not alone.

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