Why We Play

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ISBN: 9781909770867
Author: Joanna Fortune
Format: Paperback

Discover how to reconnect with the child in you and unlock the transformative power of play to live a more joyful life. Can you remember the utter delight of playing chase in the park, flying a kite in the summer breeze, or sinking your hands into a box of paints? As children, playing is how we make sense of the world and our place in it.

Why then, as adults, do we forget how to play? Drawing on over twenty years of neuroscientific research, psychotherapist Joanna Fortune has discovered that play is the key to living a happier and more meaningful life.

She shares the social, emotional, and physical health benefits of why it's so good for us, including how to:- Practice micro moments of joy to boost positive mood - Embrace wonderment to help unlock creativity and problem solving - Find the fun in your everyday to alleviate stress - Use storytelling to heal from trauma and find emotional resilience - Nurture a holiday state of mind to rest your brain and recharge - Utilise simple techniques to repair and strengthen relationships.

From the first blissful sip of freshly brewed coffee to an immune-boosting good laugh with close friends, this ground-breaking book shows how play is rooted in our daily experiences. With helpful insights, tips, and exercises, you'll discover the tiny changes that will revolutionise your life and why you're never too old for play

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