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Tune In

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ISBN: 9780857199959
Author: Nuala Walsh
Format: Paperback

Your decisions matter more than you think. Despite popular belief, the most underestimated risk facing our generation is not economic, political, cyber or even climate risk. It's human decision risk.

And it's rising. In today's noisy, fast-paced world, it's hard to hear what really matters - amplifying a rush to misjudgement. We miscalculate situations, misinterpret signals, misunderstand people, and miss opportunities.

Tune In is an antidote to misjudgement, a reputation accelerator and an insurance policy against predictable error in high-stakes situations. As a seasoned board member, behavioural scientist and award-winning Fortune-500 advisor, Nuala Walsh understands how to master the art of judgement. She explains why decision-makers tune out at milestone moments and champions an underestimated source of power, influence and relative advantage - tuning in to what matters when it matters most.

Armed with dozens of simple strategies, you'll acquire greater sonic intelligence and sought-after leadership skills. With unforgettable lessons from the boardroom to the courtroom, you'll hear inspiring stories from presidents, Olympians, Death Row exonerees, and moon-landing astronauts. Exceptional judgement comes from hearing what others don't.

It's time to Tune In.

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