How To Gut A Fish

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Clover Product ID: KS7BM70YZ9FRW
ISBN: 9781526635778
Author: Sheila Armstrong
Format: Hardback

On a boat offshore, a fisherman guts a mackerel as he anxiously awaits a midnight rendezvous. Villagers, one by one, disappear into a sinkhole beneath a yew tree.

A nameless girl is taped, bound and put on display in a countryside market. A man returning home following the death of his mother finds something disturbing among her personal effects. A dazzling and disquieting collection of stories, how to gut a fish places the bizarre beside the everyday and then elegantly and expertly blurs the lines.

An exciting new Irish writer whose sharp and lyrical prose unsettles and astounds in equal measure, Sheila Armstrong s exquisitely provocative stories carve their way into your mind and take hold.

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