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History Of Ireland In 100 Episodes, A

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ISBN: 9780717190003
Author: Jonathan Bardon
Format: Hardback

This authoritative and comprehensive history of Ireland, written by Dr Jonathan Bardon and completed by his former editor Fergal Tobin, covers the entire history of the island from the Ice Age to the Peace Process in 100 short episodes. In this thoughtful analysis of Irish society, Bardon integrates the significant cultural and literary history of Ireland with its political and social histories. Based on the hugely popular BBC series A Short History of Ireland, each episode stands alone, providing a snippet of Irish history in five minutes' reading.

In turn, reading each episode in sequence from beginning to end provides a magisterial history of Europe's most western land. Complete with a new introduction and epilogue, A History of Ireland in 100 Episodes is for anyone looking for a short but authoritative history of the island of Ireland.

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