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Get It Done

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ISBN: 9781529044683
Author: Ayelet Fishbach
Format: Paperback

A great deal of ink has been spilled on the subject of motivating and influencing others, but what happens when the person you most want to influence is you? Setting and achieving goals for yourself - at work, at home, and in relationships - is harder than it seems. Knowing where to start, and carrying on in the face of roadblocks and distractions, can easily become overwhelming. When you face more responsibilities, needs and desires than you can keep track of, how do you prioritize?

In Get it Done, psychologist and behavioural scientist Ayelet Fishbach presents a new theoretical framework for self-motivated action, explaining how to:- Identify the right goals- Attack the 'middle problem'- Battle temptations- Use the help of others around you- And so much more . . . With fascinating research from the field of motivation science and compelling stories of people who learned to motivate themselves, Get it Done illuminates invaluable strategies for pulling yourself in whatever direction you want to go - so you can achieve your goals while staying healthy, clearheaded and happy.

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