Beyond the Summit

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In 2013, Mayo native Kieran Lally climbed Mount Everest to fulfil a lifelong ambition – he also hoped it would help to silence the inner critic who constantly belittled his existence.

However, the positive feeling from his magnificent personal achievement proved ephemeral – leaving him with the even greater challenge of undertaking an inner climb ‘Beyond The Summit’ to a place of self-discovery.

This fascinating account journeys through his young and formative life experiences and, by interweaving this narrative with the immediacy of a step-by-step account of his climb to Everest’s summit in 2013, he brings extra depth and understanding to what motivates and simultaneously sabotages our outlooks in life.

The book is a compulsive read which reveals through its pages the personal determination and desire of the author to conquer the ordinary and extraordinary – and know the difference

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