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Art Of Losing

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ISBN: 9781509884131
Author: Alice Zeniter
Translator: Frank Wynne

Winner 2022 Dublin Literary Award

Nama has always known that her family came from Algeria but up until now, that meant very little to her.

Born and raised in France, her knowledge of that foreign country is limited to what shes learned from her grandparents tiny flat in a crumbling French sink estate: the food cooked for her, the few precious things they brought with them when they fled.

On the past, her family is silent. Why was her grandfather Ali forced to leave? Was he a harki an Algerian who worked for and supported the French during the Algerian War of Independence? Once a wealthy landowner, how did he become an immigrant scratching a living in France?

Nama's father, Hamid, says he remembers nothing. A child when the family left, in France he re-made himself: education was his ticket out of the family home, the key to acceptance into French society. But now, for the first time since they left, one of Alis family is going back.

Nama will see Algeria for herself, will ask the questions about her family's history that, till now, have had no answers.

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