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5 Resets

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ISBN: 9780008669492
Author: Aditi Nerurkar
Format: Paperback

From Harvard stress expert, Dr. Aditi Nerurkar, comes a reimagined approach to overcoming your stress and burnout using five small but mighty mindset shifts. Stress has a bad reputation but is actually a healthy biological phenomenon that helps us tackle life's many demands.

It simply becomes problematic when it's out of tune with the frequency of our lives, resulting in burnout, fatigue, sleep disturbances, and many other physical symptoms. To bring stress back to healthy levels, Dr. Nerurkar offers her five science-backed mindset shifts for when life gets hard:

-The First Reset: Get Clear on What Matters Most

-The Second Reset: Find Quiet in a Noisy World

-The Third Reset: Sync Your Brain and Your Body

-The Fourth Reset: Come Up for Air

-The Fifth Reset: Bring Your Best Self Forward

Dr. Nerurkar illuminates why our everyday attempts at being resilient - like multitasking, sleeping less, and undergoing huge lifestyle overhauls - aren't beneficial to our stressed brains. Instead, she prescribes practical, real-world solutions for our modern-day perils that are time efficient, cost-free, and can be applied to anyone's life, including following the Resilience Rule of 2 (making no more than two changes at a time because doing more is unsustainable), accepting that multitasking is a myth (our brains are wired to do one thing at a time!), and adopting her Bookend Method (creating boundaries). The five mindset shifts, along with fifteen proven techniques, offer you a road map to change your relationship with stress, bring your biology back into balance, and feel calmer right now.

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