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All Our Hidden Gifts by Caroline O’Donoghue

All Our Hidden Gifts is Caroline O’Donoghue’s (Promising Young Woman, Scenes of a Graphic Nature) first venture into Young Adult fiction and certainly does not disappoint.

Maeve Chambers has never enjoyed school and now that she no longer talks to her ex-best friend Lily, she feels more out of place than ever. Her popularity unexpectedly flourishes when she discovers an old set of tarot cards and begins to give incredibly accurate readings. It seems that the cards are more than just a party trick however, and when Lily doesn’t return to school after an unusual reading, Maeve knows that something older and more powerful than just the cards is at play.

A witchy coming of age story that combines ancient – and at times dark – folklore with a diverse contemporary Ireland that older teens will recognise. O’Donoghue’s follow up The Gifts That Bind Us was published in 2022 and is a brilliant continuation of this unique Irish series.

Recommended by Siobhan

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