While She Sleeps

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Clover Product ID: V61FFEMWF31AC
ISBN: 9781473699526
Author: Arlene Hunt
Format: Paperback

When Jody Kavanagh is discovered close to death in her home, it's hard to believe someone could have wanted to hurt her. Young, talented, loved by those around her - she appears to have it all.

As she lies in a coma, Detective Inspector Elliot Ryan and Sergeant Nola Kane begin to piece together a picture of her life - but the image revealed is very far from perfect. Is her ex-husband really who he seems to be? Why are her mother and sister estranged? Why is her house full of cameras? Who was Jody afraid of - and was she right? Haunted by guilt and in chronic pain, DI Ryan has his own demons to slay. And Kane, who has recently come out the worse of an incident where the professional and personal overlapped, needs to prove herself.

From the shaky glamour of Irish high society to the cold heart of two broken families, Ryan and Kane must work against hidden forces to restore their reputations and find who wanted to kill Jody - and why.

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