OMG Aisling Diary 2022

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Being organised is the cornerstone of every Aisling's personality. But it takes lots of work behind the scenes to keep track of whose turn it is to host book club or to remember when you're entitled to a reduced-price scale and polish (isn't that what you're paying PRSI for?). A good diary, like this one, is your secret weapon.

It provides a place to keep your special dates, appointments, goals, lists and plans. There are two pages per week, the all-important space for your Important Bits as well as lots of extra pages for notes and ideas. Each month is introduced with an iconic and sometimes inspirational quote from a selection of Aisling's favourite people.

This year, there are also twelve exclusive extracts from Aisling's own diary. Think of it as a little incentive to keep you going until the end of the year. Because we all need a little help sometimes, don't we?

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