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The new novel about the transformative power of art, the weight of

history and the strange connection we make with one another from the

author of The Speckled People.Narrated in the voice of Joseph Roth's

masterpiece Rebellion, Hugo Hamilton's stunning, formally inventive new

novel tells the life story of that book, initially rescued from the Nazi

book-burning in Berlin in May 1933. It recounts the life of its

Austrian-Jewish author, a writer on the run, and his intriguing wife

Friederike who fell victim to mental illness.And it tells a multitude of

other stories: of Adreas Pum, a barrel-organ player down on his luck;

of a young German American woman who finds a small map drawn by hand on

its own blank page in the back, a thrilling mystery which will lead her

to Berlin, the book's birthplace.The Pages carries profound echoes from

the past into the present day and is an inspiring story of the survival

of literature over a hundred years.

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