Milk Teeth

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Clover Product ID: R4JVY49QNHEJE
ISBN: 9781473682849
Author: Jessica Andrews
Format: Paperback

From the author of the award-winning Saltwater comes a beautifully told love story set across England, France and Spain.

A girl grows up in the north of England amid scarcity, precarity and the toxic culture of heroin chic, believing that she needs to make herself smaller to claim presence in the world.

Years later, as a young woman with unattainable ideals, she meets someone who calls everything into question, and is forced to confront episodes from her past. Their relationship takes her from London to Barcelona and the precipice of a new life, full of sensuality. Yet she still feels an uneasiness.

In the sticky Mediterranean heat, among tropical plants and secluded beaches, she must decide what form her adult life should take and learn how to feel deserving of love and care.

Milk Teeth is a novel about the joy and terror of taking risks and a search for bodily autonomy. Through Jessica Andrews' vivid and lyrical

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