I Don't Want to Talk About Home

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Clover Product ID: XEMB7QQCF5WDG
ISBN: 9781409180111
Author: Suad Aldarra
Format: Paperback

'I carry my troubled homeland within me; I hide it like a crime.' Growing up in conservative Saudi Arabia, Suad Aldarra felt stifled by the strictures placed on women.

She yearned for the vibrant Syrian streets of her family's origin. When the opportunity arose to study at Damascus University, she jumped at the chance to move to a city she loved and to experience a degree of freedom she'd never known. But when the war started, everything changed.

Suddenly Suad was thrown into a world of relentless pressure desperately looking for a way out. Her degree in software engineering was the saving grace that allowed her to travel to Ireland on a working visa. Yet reaching safety came at a price...

I Don't Want to Talk About Home is not a memoir about war and destruction. It's not about camps or boats. It's about the enduring love for a home that ceased to exist, building a life out of the rubble, and the parts of yourself you lose and find when integrating into a new world.

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